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Printable Preschool Homework Packets

📥 Printable Preschool Homework Packets •••
Use these free worksheets to learn letters, sounds, words, reading, writing, numbers, colors, shapes, and other preschool and toddler skills.
Play with toddlers to recognize letters and sounds in sentences they already know but can't read.
Game with a kid 3-4 years old: "Guess who is hiding?"
Sort the toys into groups by color and weight.
Based on the information received, name the objects indicated in the group.
Ask your child to guess aloud from the names and colors.
This game is similar to the famous walker game from Frozen with frames, but you can use not only Frozen, but other equally exciting games in it.
Completing tasks in this game is a lot of fun and good for intelligence and memory.
While playing with a child, you can write down letters made up of syllables and words, so you can practice reading after a year.
Compose texts for kids from letters.
Use this game to test your reading skills as it develops creativity and makes children more attentive.
Over time, you will probably master reading skills with your child.
This is a long-term reward that delights little fingers.
Lay out cards with pictures and tasks, ask questions and encourage the kids by asking them leading questions.
Feel the difference between a child who plays alone and a child who needs help.
All materials are taken from open sources.
Author: Michelle Weiss
Translator: Alexandra Ruzhichkina
Mother of two wonderful children, hostess of the community
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